Seattle Bartending Co. Bartenders

We have an accomplished & experienced team, industry leading equipment,
and renowned services to ensure your event is great success!

Bartender service | $45 per hour, per bartender


  • Professional, Licensed Bartender for beer, wine, and/or mixed drinks service with all necessary WA State permits

  • Insured service with General Liability and Liquor Liability

    • Additionally-insured certificate available with advance request, must be requested at least 10-days prior to event date to allow for turn-around time from broker

  • Standard Barware (drink-making) Equipment:

    • wine keys, bottle openers, shakers, muddlers, strainers, jiggers, bar spoons, pour spouts, cutting board, paring knife, garnish peelers, cocktail glass rimmer with suger & salt, bar mats, bar towels, beverage napkins, and garnish picks


  • We require 1 Bartender be staffed per every 75 guests in attendance

  • We have a 4-hour Event Booking Minimum, including the required 1-hour setup time. Event does not need to take place for 3 hours, however bartender service will not be charged on less than the 3-hour service time and the 1-hour setup.

  • Standard events hold a maximum of 5 hours of alcohol service time, depending on event timeline for meal service (ie. Weddings, Corporate Dinners, Birthday Celebrations, etc). Should the event have a longer than 5-hour duration an additional bartender will be required in order to comply with State of WA employee break requirements.


TIP JAR DISPLAYED | A tip jar will be tastefully displayed at the bar for gratuity throughout the event. Should the Host request that a tip jar not be displayed for the event, Hosted Gratuity will apply - request must be made in advance of final payment.
Tip Jar display required for Cash Bar events.

HOSTED GRATUITY | If a tip jar is not to be displayed Hosted Gratuity will be applied to the service total based on $1 per guest of 21+ years, with a minimum of $50 per bartender. Request for tip jar to not be displayed must be made in advance of final payment.


A service charge is applied to the sub-total of all events. This charge covers all the costs associated with operating our service that is not covered in the hourly rate including administration, permits and licenses, event/business insurances, transportation, storage, etc.


For the State of WA, an event with alcohol service at a business / commercial location requires purchase of a Banquet Permit through the WA Liquor Control Board: The permit must be printed, signed, and displayed at the bar during your event and is purchased by the Host - cannot be purchased by SBCo. For questions, please contact the WA State Liquor Control Board directly.