Professional Bartender Service

Our bartenders and service staff are devoted to understanding and executing your event; specializing in providing a uniquely personalized service for all that you envision.  We will work with you to create a personalized package that impresses your guests and exceeds your expectations

We Are A Fully Insured Service with General Liability & Liquor Liability Coverage

Additionally-insured certificates available for requesting venues complimentary

Mixed Drink, Wine, & Beer Service


  • Professional Licensed Bartender with Standard Cocktail Barware,  Equipment:
    • Wine keys, Bottle openers
    • Shakers, Muddlers, Strainers, Jiggers, Bar Spoons, Pour Spouts, Cutting Board, Paring Knife, Garnish Peelers
    • Cocktail Glass Rimmer with Sugar & Salt
    • Bar Caddy with Beverage Napkins & Garnish Picks
    • Garnish Caddy, Bar Mats, Bar Towels

Wine & Beer Service


  • Professional Licensed Bartender with Standard Barware & Bar top Setup:
    • Wine keys, Bottle openers
    • Bar Caddy with Beverage Napkins
    • Bar Mats, Bar Towels

Important Details for Bartending Service:

  • Service Rates listed above do not include service charge or gratuity
  • We require a 4-hour minimum for bookings, including the required 1-hour setup
  • Staffing Requirements:
    • Beer & Wine (including Champagne) Only service - 1 bartender per every 100 guests
    • Mixed Drinks, Beer, & Wine (including Champagne) service - 1 bartender per every 75 guests
  • In the State of WA, an event with alcohol service at a business / commercial location will require the purchase of a Banquet Permit through the WA Liquor Control Board. This is a simple and inexpensive permit that can be obtained online through their website, and is to be purchased by the Host of the event - cannot be acquired by Seattle Bartending Company.

HOSTED gratuity & TIP JARS

Event hosts have the option of allowing tip jars to be tastefully displayed on the bar top during service in lieu of hosted gratuity
Event hosts may opt to provide a hosted gratuity of $1 per guest aged 21+ years-or-more ($50 minimum), with a $50 per bartender minimum


service charge

A 10% service charge is applied to the subtotal of all events. This charge covers all the costs associated with operating our service that is not covered in the hourly rate including administration, permits &licenses, event and business insurance, transportation, storage, etc.



A Setup & Materials charge is applied to all cash bar service events - $100 per bar that is setup (max 2 bartenders per bar setup)
Cash bar pricing, as listed on the Alcohol Service page, is inclusive of tax. Tip Jar will be displayed on the bar top during service and credit card processing system will have availability for guest to input gratuity of their selection, for all Cash Bar Events.
Events with partial cash bar service, ie. hosted beer & wine only with cash bar for mixed drinks, will have standard gratuity & tip jar policies applied as notated in Hosted Gratuity & Tip Jars section above.